Miracle jade massage bed is a wonderfully effective therapeutic bed that utilizes the basic principle of oriental science through its application of massage, heat (cauterization), acupressure (finger pressure), acupuncture, far- infrared rays, combined with Western technology. It provides an exceptional massage for the spine with its ergonomically curved design that is identical to the human spinal structure.  It helps restore and maintain general fitness and flexibility of the spine.Jade heals stressed organs and discharges toxins and slows the process of cell aging and has the excellent ability to strengthen the body natural defenses and healing power. The Internal Jade Massage Heads automatically massage muscles and tendons around the spine, relieving tension and helping energy flows. Massaging the spinal area relaxes hardened nerve roots and improves the circulation of energy. The combination of acupressure effect and heat will boost your energy level.It also have the good functions to liminate body aches, pains and postural problems.

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